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SharryLand's Mission.

SharryLand's vocation is the enhancement of Italy's inland areas: territories normally outside the classic tourist routes or famous locations, but rich in wonder and culture, inhabited by small communities that introduce us to the multiple identities of Italy.

SharryLand Travels

They are growing "SharryLand Journeys.": a catalog of experiential and sustainable travel to discover inland areas: low environmental impact, "green & slow" trips, characterized by meeting with local communities. We are making them in collaboration with local coordinators willing to manage small groups of travelers in their own territory, even outside the high season.

Why become a "SharryLand Journeys" coordinator.

Are you interested in joining a community where you can grow professionally and pursue ideas and projects in your area? Do you want to promote and experience an Italy of wonders by having people discover its inland areas and get off the crowded mass circuits?

By becoming a "SharryLand Travels" coordinator, you will be our qualified partner, get a verified"profile on SharryLand's national platform and App, and have the opportunity to expand your professional future with us, managing your work independently and with the constant support of our team, which specializes in services for inland area incoming tourism locally and nationally.

Benefits and opportunities

Decide your availability

You will be the one to tell us your availability and how you want to develop your work project. Who better than you knows the seasonality and reality of your area?

Join a community of professionals

As a Coordinator you will be part of our community of professionals. You will be able to get advice from other coordinators and staff, and you will share with them about your work experiences.

Clear agreements and secure wages

The activities you will be entrusted with will always be governed by a contract that will protect your work and guarantee you adequate compensation.

Receive constant support from SharryLand staff.

For each task you will always be informed of everything you need to tackle the job in the best possible way, and you will have the constant support of our dedicated service as it unfolds.



  • Preparation in the tourism industry
  • In-depth knowledge of your local area
  • Professional qualification as a guide or escort
  • Ability to manage groups
  • Empathy and attention to group dynamics
  • Problem solving skills
  • Knowledge of the English language

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