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Italy is a treasure chest of beauties that only a few know about, because they are hidden in our countryside, in the hills, in the mountains... At SharryLand we want to create, with everyone's participation, the great Map of the Wonders of Italy: places all to be discovered and where to meet to live beautiful experiences. Tell about the Wonders you love, too! Click on

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What to report

  • meraviglie


    A nature oasis, an art park, a bicycle path along a riverbank, a mountain trail, a cave, a forest, a century-old tree...

  • servizi

    Art, History

    A fresco, murals, an unusual museum, a musician's house ... a square, a castle, a theater, a hermitage ... an archaeological dig, a fishing harbor ...

  • tradizioni


    Folk festivals, religious rites, festivals... ceramics, accordions, textiles... the ancient oil mill, wines, cheeses, typical dishes...

How is it done

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