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Alessandria del Carretto

A pearl of Calabrian culture set on the roof of the Pollino Park

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Where is


87070 Alessandria del Carretto CS, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

On the roof of the Pollino National Park, at an altitude of 1,000 meters, is Alessandria del Carretto, the highest town in the park. A record that earns it an exciting open panorama of the Calabrian heights. The town itself is no less impressive: buildings with exposed stone facades and murals with various themes enrich the cobbled streets of the historic center, where a few artisans can still be found. Added to this are the town's churches, with their history and art, museums, and the Difisella botanical garden, which dominates the upper part of Alessandria del Carretto.

Why it is special

The beauty of the traditional village blends with that of the spectacular nature that surrounds it. To visit Alessandria del Carretto is to immerse oneself in the culture and nature of Calabria, losing oneself among many Wonders. Fortunately, we can rely on our noses to find our way: the scents of the table will take us quickly back to the streets of the village, those of plants and wild herbs will help us find our way along the paths of the park, such as the one leading to the most beautiful acereta in Europe, which contains all the species of maple trees in the world.

Don't miss

Patches of color stand out among the exposed stones of the houses and streets of Alessandria del Carretto. These are the murals that for the past few years have been telling the soul of the town to those who want to get to know it: the rhythms of daily life, characters and traditions, such as the colorful "Połëcënellë," the carnival masks typical of the area.

A bit of history

Alessandria del Carretto has been part of the Painted Villages of Italy since 2021, having about 40 murals in various streets of the town, all created during the summer events of Radicazioni.


Alessandria del Carretto is a village rich in culture: think of the Guido Chidichimo Museum, which contains the personal library and trophies of the luminary of cardiac surgery, as well as a number of scientific testimonies on the aforementioned subject; or the festival of the Pitë, an ancient arboreal rite, a candidate for UNESCO Intangible Heritage, is, without a doubt, the most awaited moment by the community in which they affirm their history and identity.

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