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Alessandria del Carretto is Italy's Painted Village

40 murals among the streets of the highest village in the Pollino Park

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Where is


Piazza Municipio, 5, 87070 Alessandria del carretto CS, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Can contemporary art be found within the Pollino Park? Certainly, just look for the highest municipality in the park. In Alessandria del Carretto, the beauty of nature is not the only one we can admire enchanted. Inside the village, among the narrow streets, stone houses, slarghi and small squares, colorful murals peep out, inspired by the traditions and customs of the village.

Why it's special: the painted village in the Pollino Park

The overall view is exciting: rough stones or concrete walls suddenly come alive with ringing colors, and often all this is accompanied by a very wide view of the surrounding nature. After all, from the height of its location, Alessandria del Carretto is the perfect place for those in search of unforgettable views.

Not to be missed: carnival traces that last all year round

Among the 40 or so murals that adorn the streets of the town are some that depict the "Połëcënellë," colorful masks typical of Alessandria del Carretto. Thus, even those who were not able to come for carnival can learn about this mask and start planning their trip for next February.

A bit of history of the Painted Village of Italy

The murals of Alessandria del Carretto have been created over the years during summer events related to the Festival Radicazioni. Since 2021, these works have allowed this small town to become part of the Painted Villages of Italy.

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