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Arquà Petrarca

The charm of a village in the footsteps of Petrarch

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Where is


35032 Arquà Petrarca PD, Italia (52m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Set in the beautiful scenery of the Euganean Hills, Arquà Petrarca is a village of medieval origin whose history is linked to the name and life of Francesco Petrarca, the great "poet laureate" who in 1369 chose this small village to spend his last years. Wrapped in an atmosphere of tranquility proper to the holiday dimension, Arquà Petrarca enchants with the atmosphere that was a source of inspiration for the Poet. A place where nature and poetry are in perfect symbiosis.

Why it is special

Arquà gives the emotion of an intimate connection with the poet. The streets of the village are home to his house, the spring where he used to go, the ancient Church of Santa Maria Assunta where his funeral was celebrated and, finally, his tomb. The village of Arquà is part of the Literary Parks circuit and was elected among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Don't miss

One cannot leave Arquà without visiting Petrarch's house. It was restored by the Poet himself, who personally took care of the embellishment of some of the rooms: the study, the garden and the brolo, a place deputed to the care of plants. The blackened fireplaces, original ceilings, some pieces of furniture and the view of the hills evoke fragments of life and tell us about the man, even before the poet, and his deep love for nature.

A bit of history

A documentfrom 985 attests, in Arquà, to the presence of a castle located on high ground and inhabited by Norman Rudolph. One is inclined to imagine here the original medieval core from which the village later inhabited by Petrarch developed. The resulting fame and fashion prompted several aristocratic Paduan and Venetian families to build mansions of noble workmanship that constitute, even today, a valuable architectural and urban fabric.

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The scent of the hills and the memory of the poet stroll arm in arm through the uphill lanes of this most elegant village, a true jewel.


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