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Village of Funcai

Small medieval village in Caglio

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Where is


22030 Caglio CO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What is and where is the medieval village of Funcai

The medieval village of Funcai, also known as Funcaj, is a historical treasure located in the bottom of Caglio, characterized by its narrow streets and stone buildings that evoke a bygone era. Its history is full of charm and evidence of the craftsmanship of the master builders who have shaped this place over the centuries. One of Funcai's most distinctive features are its deep vaulted passages and the majestic Tower House, which highlights the architectural skills of its builders. This monument remains a symbol of skills passed down from generation to generation.

A bit of history: the master craftsmen of Funcai

Anancient and significant craft practiced in Caglio and the surrounding towns was that of the stonemasons, who had a profound knowledge of the grain of stone and the ability to transform it into works of art. The streets of Caglio are still adorned with these magnificent creations, evidence of the craft genius of its inhabitants.

Details not to be missed: the Corte dei Porro

The Corte dei Porro, dating back to the 1400s, is one of the main buildings in the historic center of Caglio, located on the edge of the medieval village of Funcai. Characterized by thick stone walls, reduced door and window openings and wood-beamed ceilings, this peasant dwelling is an important testimony to local architecture and daily life in the past.

Why visit Funcai

Funcai invites visitors to immerse themselves in its beauty, offering an authentic experience of a medieval village rich in history and charm. Each stone tells a part of this community's fascinating past, turning Funcai into a true open-air museum.

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