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The Tiber from Todi to the Eternal City - 6 DI 7

From Civita Castellana to Nazzano, stories and secrets of the river

The medieval village, the Tiber Museum, the Nature Reserve

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00060 Nazzano RM, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Among the Latium villages of the Tiber

The awakening in Civita Castellana is splendid: pure air, slow rhythms of daily life and spectacular views serve as a prologue to the sixth stage of the Tiber descent, which starts from here to reach Nazzano.

Tackling the stage by bike, one travels just over 24 kilometers, always without losing sight of the Tiber River, through the green countryside in the direction of Ponzano Romano. Once past the village, with a small detour you have the chance to take a break at the Filacciano landing and then continue along a bicycle path that runs along the left bank of the river. You continue on a gentle path to Poggio Mirteto and then arrive at your destination.

In biciclettaBike adventure from Civita Castellana to Nazzano

The secrets of the Tiber

Arriving in Nazzano, the last stop before Rome, we discover a place full of beauty: the beautiful medieval center, characterized by a spiral architectural structure, the spectacular stone castle from which to admire the Tiber and the valley from above, and another very special jewel, the River Museum.

Castello di NazzanoThe view of the Tiber Valley from the Castle of Nazzano

In a village that lives to guard the river, a dedicated museum could not be missing, telling its history and secrets through various rooms dedicated to geology, botany, zoology and human activities. Thus we observe the path of the Tiber from its source to its mouth and relive our journey with emotion.

We look closely at some of the many animals that inhabit the Tiber, in aquariums that reproduce its habitat, listen to birdsong, and fully grasp the importance the river has always had for the human populations living in its vicinity, as well as evidence of its anthropogenic impact. Not far from the Museum, we also discover the beautiful Tevere-Farfa Nature Reserve, a not-to-be-missed stop before we get back on the road to Rome.

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The Capital is near, the Tiber River continues to flow toward its natural destination...


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