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The Town Hall of Clusone

The center of town life, the medieval palace invites a stop to admire its frescoes

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Where is


Piazza Sant' Andrea, 1, 24023 Clusone BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What is it and where is the Town Hall of Clusone

In the central square of Clusone is the town hall, a composite building that has grown over the centuries. The first core consists of the tower, built when Clusone began to administer itself independently. To it was added the Domus Comunis, then a further extension that housed a large meeting hall with ogive windows later walled up but still visible. The arcades under the building housed several workshops whose rent provided secure income for the municipality.

Why it is special: the beautiful frescoes of the "painted city"

On the facade are the remains of a Gothic loggia, perhaps the balcony from which proclamations were announced. Underneath is a fresco also Gothic, the Madonna and Child in her arms, seated between Saints Sigismund and Christopher, patron saints of wayfarers. Scattered throughout the palace are the coats of arms of the lineages that succeeded one another in governing the city. Entering the courtyard we notice the airy loggia, with the access staircase, frescoed with mythological themes, beautiful the one depicting boar hunting.

Not to be missed: the planetary clock

Absolutely not to be missed is the Planetary Clock on the facade of the tower, designed by mechanical engineer Pietro Fanzago in 1583. The dial has 24 numbers instead of 12 and a single hand that rotates counterclockwise and shows the hour, month, day, day and night length, zodiac signs and moon phases. It still works perfectly today and is wound by hand every day.

A bit of history

The palace was built over the centuries, from the 13th to the 16th century, by later additions but its present appearance dates back to a 19th-century makeover.

Fun fact: Clusone's painted facades.

What is striking about the palace is the richness of the exterior frescoes; this is a special feature of Clusone where there are so many houses and churches painted on the facades that it deserves the nickname "painted city." It is worth taking a tour to discover these treasures, from the palaces in the center to the Danza macabra of the Oratorio dei Disciplini, from the church of Sant'Anna to that of San Defendente.

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