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The Archiepiscopal Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Miracles

The heart of Corbetta's spirituality

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Where is


Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 2, 20011 Corbetta MI, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In Corbetta, no less than five roads lead to the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Miracles. When I arrive, I am greeted by the churchyard adorned with a floral decoration, called rizzata, and also by the facade of the building, finished in 1901 in an eclectic style. When I enter, I pass through the atrium, where a star stands out, then, continuing toward the high altar, little by little I discover the dome adorned with 15th-century frescoes from the school of Luini. But it is time to continue: I return to the entrance and from one of the two side staircases I access the Baroque-style upper shrine where I find the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin.

Why it is special

I find myself in one of the most important Marian Shrines, where on April 17, 1555 a miracle took place that is still celebrated on this same day by the faithful and pilgrims who also come from neighboring countries to venerate the image of the Blessed Virgin. The very star in the atrium indicates the exact spot where the Child Jesus and Our Lady manifested themselves. Here, on the first Thursday after Easter, the "Feast of Forgiveness" is also held , the main event that attracts the many faithful or curious people to the shrine. It is not surprising to think that for Corbetta and its inhabitants, this is the center of the town's spirituality.

Not to be missed

The Shrine is also a museum of Corbetta's faith and culture. Definitely not to be missed is the Chapel of Blessings, which houses inside it 500 years of the community's history told by the votive offerings made over the centuries with gratitude and hope. And as soon as I enter I am greeted by the very statue used for the coronation of Our Lady of Corbetta: the ceremony was held by Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Pope Paul VI. But don't forget to also admire the fresco of the miracle, painted by Gregorio de Zavattari in 1475.

A bit of history

The original church dates back to the late 200s and was remodeled during the 400s. The miracle of 1555 conditioned a new development of the structure by bringing deep restorations to the lower church and initiating the construction of the upper sanctuary, completed in the 1700s. Between the 500s and 700s the chapels of the lower church were built, financed by the town's nobles. The upper chapel houses the painting of the miracle preserved in its original position. The shrine was completed in 1901 and restored between 1954-1955 bringing it back to its former glory.


On April 17, 1555, the first Thursday after Easter, three little boys, including 10-year-old John Angelo, deaf-mute from birth, were playing on the square in front of the church, where a beautiful image of Our Lady is painted on the facade. At one point the child in the painting, Jesus, comes out of the picture and starts playing with the boys. The mother, Mary, as surprised as all the onlookers by that gesture, comes down to the square in turn to take back her son. But now John Angelo speaks and hears, and this will be the first of many miracles that will make the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin one of the most visited places of Marian worship.

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There are no less than five roads that lead me to the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Corbetta, a pilgrimage destination for the faithful near and far, overlooking with its majesty and sacredness the road most traveled by the citizens of Corbetta.


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