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The path to the Calandre, overhanging the sea

Suspended 30 meters from the sea

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Where is


Corso G. Verdi, 41, 18039 Ventimiglia IM, Italia (69m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

From the Annunziata fort, just outside the walls of the historic center of Ventimiglia Alta, we descend along a stepped path that initially enters a lush pine forest and shortly leads us to the Pietra lookout. Here a magnificent 360-degree panorama opens up: to the east, the city of Ventimiglia with its coastline and farther on, the mouth of the Roia and the port of Marina San Giuseppe; to the north, the fortress; to the west, the French coastline; and to the south the endless horizon of the sea.

Why it is special

At the Pietra lookout, the landscape offers itself immense to our eyes, filling them with the beauty of nature unfolding all around. But the path to the Calandre holds strong emotions in store for us: on one side the sun-baked clay cliffs, on the other a vertiginous drop to the blue sea. That is why, at the end of the path, the fine golden sand of the Calandre beach has the flavor of an achievement that fills us with joy.

Not to be missed

Particularly windy sunny days are an invitation for surfers and true adventure lovers. The scenic route then takes on a totally different air: you can hear loudly the roar of the waves crashing on the cliffs and the wind carries the puffs of foam all the way up there. It is nice to see from above the surfers waiting for the perfect wave. Some of us, more daring, think perhaps we could join them....

A bit of history

Before the construction of the Ventimiglia harbor began, there was also another road leading to the Calandre. Much longer and more uncomfortable, it had the advantage of being relatively level and close to the parking lot along Marina San Giuseppe. The first unpaved section, subject to continuous sea erosion on one side and landslides and mudslides on the other, was closed as it was deemed no longer safe. The road intersected with the path down from the Annunziata fort at the beginning of the clearing.


A few meters after the clearing, a small cave opens up that holds a statue of the Madonna and is therefore called "Cave of the Madonnina." From here, on days when there are no waves, the most daring launch themselves, climbing over the safety cordon: it is the "plunge of the Madonnina," a jump of about 8 meters into the deep blue.

sentiero-calandreThe road under the rock as seen from the Calandre beach - Ph: Luigiandrea Luppino © Source.

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Reaching the Calandre is a worthwhile adventure: beloved by surfers, it is the only sandy beach along the stretch of coastline. It involves a quarter-hour walk, suspended about 30 meters above the sea on an ancient sandstone cliff.


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