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The Tevere-Farfa Cyclotourism

June pedaling along the blond river

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00060 Torrita Tiberina RM, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Thebicycle is an extraordinary vehicle, capable of combining personal satisfaction from the physical effort faced with the sense of absolute freedom given by the speed, the wind that caresses our faces and the feet that do not touch the road. Little does it matter if we are firmly leaning on saddle and pedals, when we are on the bike, we feel like we are flying.

A route along the Tiber, or rather. three

Along the Tiber there is a yearly event that was born partly from this love of biking, partly from the search for beauty and emotions related to the landscape of the great river, and partly from the desire to test oneself: we are talking about the Tevere-Farfa Cyclotourism. If by habit we think of these events as competitions, in this case we have to change our point of view: in this non-competitive event organized by the Cicloclub Ruote Grasse there are no judges or chronometers, but "only" routes immersed in the beauty of the place and the desire to have fun and test oneself.

Cicloturistica Tevere FarfaLand and water for our cyclists

In fact, the association studies and proposes three different routes so that anyone, depending on their level of training, can find the most suitable option for them. The most experienced cyclists will be able to tackle the "Long" route, which, as its name implies, is the most challenging one : with its 41 kilometers and 900 meters of elevation gain, it tests the most trained cyclists. But also, it reserves them a special pampering: But it reserves them a special pampering: with its dirt roads that touch hills and villages along the Tiber, it is in fact the most scenic route of the three. The "Medium" route is for experienced but less trained pedalers or, more simply, those who want to race but also enjoy a ride in the open air: it will be enough to tackle 27 kilometers for an elevation gain of no more than 600 meters. Finally, more comfortable and suitable for everyone is the "Corto," which in 24 kilometers and 100 meters of elevation gain crosses the wonderful nature nourished by the blond river, and allows you to experience it intoxicated by its scents and the sense of absolute freedom that pedaling can give.

Wonderful places

Indeed, theenvironment in which the event takes place is disarmingly beautiful: the Tiber Valley from the village of Torrita Tiberina-where the Tiber Point and starting point is located for the event-to the Nazzano Tevere-Farfa Nature Reserve, passing through the municipalities of Nazzano, Ponzano Romano and Filacciano, each of which offers incredible views of the river, its fertile countryside and the surrounding mountains, a wonderful landscape to pedal through.

vista da TorritaView looking east from Torrita Tiberina

And there is certainly no shortage of wonders, as the different trails lead into the Nazzano Tevere-Farfa Nature Reserve, a wetland area that is extremely rich in naturalistic terms and irresistibly evocative thanks to the continuous play of light and reflections offered by its bodies of water.

In this enviable setting, enriching the event with collateral sports initiatives that aim to enhance the area comes practically naturally: hiking, boat tours on the Tiber River, canoe trips, kayaking, dragon boating and other sports to be played safely for young and old alike. You'll be spoiled for choice!

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