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Taranto and the Other Salento - 4 DI 5

Manduria and environs

Journey to rediscover the primitive flavors and roots of Salento

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74024 Manduria TA, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Inside the Cuturi Woods

Between Torre Colimena and Manduria is the Cuturi Woods. It is a fascinating but private area, so it is important to check the opening hours before passing this way because it is truly a must-see place.

The forest itself is very old, dating back to the 16th century, and today several paths run through it. Among the most fascinating are the one that leads to discover the remains of the Messapic civilization and the one that leads up to the 19th-century vineyards. It is precisely these vines that gave birth to Primitivo, one of Puglia's main red wines. There is also another path that leads from here up to Monte Diavoli, from where you can admire olive groves, vineyards and pajaré, typical trullo constructions of this area. It can take up to about 3 hours, for 6.5 km of walking.

On the trail of the Messapi

The day's destination is Manduria, a town rich in art, culture and history. This is the ideal place to continue the acquaintance with the Messapian civilization encountered in the woods. A large necropolis and several other structures, even described by Pliny the Elder.

The Primitivo di Manduria

Archaeology is not the only link with the Cuturi Woods: after walking among the nineteenth-century vineyards origin of Primitivo, it will be very interesting to delve into the Museum of Primitivo Wine Civilization. It is a place between past and present, encompassing the symbols of local agriculture and winemaking. In addition to the visit, you can participate in a tasting of various local labels with typical products.

And if you don't have time for the museum, no problem, strolling through the historic center, passing by Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi and the 18th-century feudal palace Imperiali-Filotico, you will encounter many places where you can savor the goodness Manduria has to offer. A mouth-watering visit!

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