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Taranto and the Other Salento

Rediscovering secret Apulia slowly

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Ponte di Porta Napoli (Ponte di pietra o Sant'Egidio da Taranto), Via Napoli, 74123 Taranto TA, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Along the axes that identify the Adriatic coast of Salento as a unique destination, representative of the cultural, food and wine, naturalistic and seaside identity of the whole of Puglia, a group of young people develop an alternative itinerary on the Ionian Sea, which sees Taranto and its surrounding areas as the protagonists of a new, sustainable and exclusive exploration, whose tourism is not yet saturated.

The stages

The discovery of the other Salento starts right from the heart of the city of Taranto and in particular from the Tamburi quarters and the Old Town, where the vestiges of ancient civilizations coexist with street art, which has become a tool of urban redevelopment. From Taranto, then, the stages take us southward along the Ionian coast - Marina di Pulsano, Campomarino Maruggio, San Pietro in Bevagna, Torre Collimena - but then push us inland to discover different colors and emotions, in and around Manduria and Grottaglie. A sort of ideal, looped itinerary, for a total of 120km, whose goal is to give light and prominence to areas that are still little known and therefore unspoiled.

Make way for young people

The project was developed within the Destinaction 2023 Boot Camp, a workshop for young aspiring destination managers looking for unusual and sustainability-conscious tourism proposals.

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