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Andromeda Theater

Where spectacular sunsets, starry nights and incredible views are staged

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Where is


Contrada Rocca, 92020 Santo Stefano Quisquina AG, Italia (962m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Inside a farm, the owner has built a theater with a circular stage and 108 seats out of stone blocks depicting the constellation Andromeda. This work of art, which is also called the world's tallest stone theater, stands around an artistic path with a series of sculptures by other artists such as the "Imago of the Word," which depicts an unconscious pattern by which the subject considers the other, or the work "My Words are Stones," which depicts the god Enki, Lord of the Earth.

Not to be missed

One of the best times to visit the site is at sunset, which especially on the day of the summer solstice provides a real spectacle. In fact, on the first day of summer the setting sun aligns perfectly with a disk placed behind the theater projecting a circle that coincides with a circular black space on the stage. Similarly, from the mouth of the Imago at sunset passes a ray of sunlight to symbolize that the word takes on light.

A bit of history

The Theater of Andromeda was created by a man who was always just a pastor to many, but who also considered himself something else. Lorenzo Reina wanted to study as a boy to become a sculptor, but to help his father in the family business he had to give up part of his dream. Thirty years ago, when Lorenzo was out grazing his flock, he came to this plateau on his plot of land and when he saw his sheep standing still looking at the view, he was thunderstruck by the idea of building a theater to represent the constellation Andromeda on that very spot that gives sunsets, starry nights and incredible views.

Teatro di AndromedaThe theater, Andromeda and the panorama

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