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5 must-see places and a surprise experience

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Taranto TA, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Taranto, a large and complex city, a land of contrasts, capable of encompassing a very ancient history, an exciting nature and an industrial reality that has strongly shaped some areas of the territory. If you have come this far, you are probably on the waterfront, trying to decide which way to go to best capture the soul of this city. And so here are 5 tips for you and a treat that perhaps, you were not expecting.

Old Taranto and the sea

Since we are already feeling lulled by the waves of the sea, we might as well start our visit right here to wander through the alleys of the oldest part of Taranto, the old town. As the name implies, this is the best place to immerse yourself in the history and more traditional rhythms of Taranto, even indulging in a visit to the Mercato Coperto in search of mussels and sea urchins to savor.

Taranto and History: the Aragonese Castle and the MArTA

Those who want to go a little deeper into the city's History can devote themselves to the Aragonese Castle, to be discovered with free guided tours organized by the Navy. But wanting to dig down to the origins of Taranto, the right choice will definitely be MArTA, the Archaeological Museum of Taranto, which will take you all the way back to the times of Magna Graecia.

Basilica Cathedral of San Cataldo: face to face with the city's patron saint.

If you have passed through Cathedral Square, you could not have failed to notice San Cataldo. And if you haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for? Go there now! What awaits you there is the oldest Cathedral in Apulia. And how much beauty is enclosed within it... After all, it was a must to pay homage to the relic of San Cataldo, the city's patron saint.

Taranto underground: guided tour of the hypogea and ancient tunnels

As early as the time of the Greek settlers, in order to construct buildings, stone was excavated from the ground directly at the point where they wanted to raise them. This avoided having to transport the stones to the construction site, and gained extra space. These spaces still exist today and, connected by tunnels and passages, create a kind of second old town. To access these spaces is to immerse oneself in the city as it was between Byzantine and medieval times. Enchantment.

Pantaleo Palace and the Majorano Museum

One of the few examples of the city's 18th century opens its doors to amaze you with its sumptuous Baroque rooms, a few functional rooms, such as the beautiful kitchen, and the Majorano Museum housed inside. The theme of its collection: the magical and religious rituals of Taranto.

The Taranto you don't expect

When thinking about contemporary Taranto, it is hard not to focus on the difficult relationship between industry and the city. Yet beauty can get everywhere, you just have to want it. This is what has been happening in Taranto's working-class neighborhoods for the past few years: thanks to the tRUST Festival, anonymous high-rise buildings become huge canvases at the service of skilled Street Artists. You can have fun unearthing characters, dreamlike shapes, tales and myths painted here and there on the buildings of neighborhoods that, until now, you might never have expected to visit.

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