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Vercelli and its rice fields

Hidden wonders among the waters of the Vercelli area

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Where is


13100 Vercelli VC, Italia (132m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

From Vercelli all around, today rice is a monoculture and characterizes the landscape. The rice fields are terraces at elevations sloping from north to south and are populated with interesting and rare animal species in the various seasons.

Why it is special

It is special because it is a land crossed by water. The Cavour Canal runs through the whole land and with a complex structure of minor canals carries water to the rice fields following the natural slope of the land. The "paddy field system" is very important for water supplies in the area and is a very unique and special aspect.

Not to be missed

Visits to farms and rice mills cannot be missed. Farms "hide" extraordinary historical and artistic places such as the abbey of Lucedio, or the castle of Quinto, but also very interesting sites of industrial archaeology, such as old rice mills driven by water wheels, and much more. The "Rice" experience in the Vercelli area is truly unique!

A bit of history

In the rice fields of the Vercelli area, Cistercian monks arrived in the 12th century to reclaim the land and develop it in an agricultural sense. Rice is documented a couple of centuries later, but it certainly arrived not as a food, but as a spice or medicine. The first Italian rice was grown in these Vercelli fields.


The origin of paniscia novarese and panissa vercellese is probably the same. In today's rice fields, before the Middle Ages, other grains were grown including millet, called panicum. This is the origin of the name paniscia and panissa!

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These are the rice fields where Italy's first rice was grown, those of the Vercellese around the abbey of Lucedio. Pilgrims along the Via Francigena passed through them on their way to the abbey of San Andrea, Italy's first Gothic church.


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